On election night, Premier Kinew quipped that “little old Manitoba” was finally getting the recognition it deserved as a progressive place full of hope and opportunity. In this address he invites economic leaders to become a part of this exciting moment and help set a new course for the province and our nation. The province is positioned uniquely, for the first time in years, with an ambitious provincial government, a willing federal partner and an innovative local economy. It has established the building blocks of a strong, affordable economy with Manitoba Hydro’s clean, hydroelectricity as its keystone. With Premier Kinew and his government at the helm, Manitoba is leaning into its strength as a diversified economy, while building a reputation as a leader in the low-carbon future. They are focused on unlocking Manitoba’s potential to develop end-to-end supply chains in industries like critical mineral extraction and processing, hydrogen development and export and zero-emission transportation. They are the salesforce that Manitoba needs to market its advantage and opportunity to investors and government partners across Canada, the US and the world.  

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