Full Name
Pascale Mapleston
Job Title
Founder & CEO
The Benefit Code
Speaker Bio
Pascale Mapleston is the founder and CEO of The Benefit Code. She is uniquely focused on promoting employee health by utilizing data so that people can identify potential health pain points, and improve upon small health issues before they become large ones. Over the last 20-plus years, Pascale has crafted her experience; founding her benefit and pension consultancy and advisory business in 2012. She is known for disrupting the traditional health benefit space and introducing new ideas that incorporate science, technology, and data to identify areas of focus for organizations.

A certified Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE) member, Pascale is unique in the health insurance market for driving a female-led organization in a traditionally male-dominated space. Pascale is known for her innovative spirit and big picture vision. She is an expert on how companies can better support their employees’ health through data and offering health advocacy programs in the workplace.
Pascale Mapleston